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Crave author Shelly Morgan stopped by to give us a deeper view into her latest release, The Preacher’s Daughter.

Hello, my name is Shelly Morgan and I’m the author of The Preacher’s Daughter (Rough Riders MC #1) that was released on March 27th, 2018.

This was an idea that popped into my head one night as I was lying in bed watching a movie (I can’t even remember what the movie was now to be honest, but that’s not important). In the movie, there was a girl that was the daughter of the town preacher. She was polished, proper, and everything you’d expect from the preacher’s daughter. And it got me thinking…You see I once knew a girl like this. She was in my class in school and her father was a pastor. And at first, I hate to say this, but I thought she’d be dull and shy. But I was very wrong. She was quiet, but once you got to know her, she was adventurous and pushed the limits. She was a rebel and we became very good friends. Some would even say we were partners in crime!

Anyway, that got me thinking about how it must have been for her to deal with people, me included, judging her before they even knew her. And it also got me wondering if she rebelled for that exact reason, or if that was just who she was as a person. And so, The Preacher’s Daughter was started!

The Preacher’s Daughter is rough, dark, suspenseful, steamy, and everything in-between.  And the ending is maybe a little abrupt, and you may feel like there was no closure to what happened. But I can assure you, there is more coming from Angel and Torq in the next story.

The second book will be Amy and Ice Man’s story, but as you will find, Amy is very close with Angel, and Ice Man have grown close to Torq. Angel has a lot of healing left to do and so does Torq. That’s where their friends will come in. Amy and Ice Man help with this process, and will even help bring Georgie to justice for his part in what happened to Angel.

And some of you may ask if Angel will reconnect with her parents. I can only say this; she will see her parents again, but you’ll have to wait to see how that encounter goes!

Below, I have shared one of my favorite parts of the story. If you’ve read it, maybe you agree. And if you haven’t, maybe it’ll be enough to pique your interest and you’ll check out my latest release, The Preacher’s Daughter.

Excerpt from The Preacher’s Daughter by Shelly Morgan

“You’re the definition of innocent. You’re pure and good, beautiful, and so full of passion. You’re one of the few things God got right, if there is a God.”  Not able to stay away from her any longer, I close the gap between us and take her face in my hands. “I want you. God help me, I want you more than my next breath. Every atom in my body screams for me to take you and make you mine, and I want nothing more than to give in to that call. But it still doesn’t make it right. I’m no good for you, Angel. My soul belongs to the devil, and you’re destined to fly with the angels. You should stay away from me.”

I don’t know when I became the martyr or sentimental, but everything I said is the truth. She’s too good for someone like me, and if I do what I’ve been fantasizing about, I’ll ruin her. The demons inside me would be too much for her. I just don’t know if I have the strength to stay away from her, even though I know it’s what’s best for her.

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Five On Friday: Interview with Author Shelly Morgan


Crave author, Shelly Morgan joins us on this beautiful Friday for a quick five question interview. You can check out a couple of her stories in Craving: Security ( and Craving: Soldiers ( Both anthologies are available for .99¢ each)and

What’s the best writing advice you ever received? 

Take the criticism people give you, but don’t let it change the story you see in your head and heart. Just write your story and stay true to it, no matter what. You can’t make everyone happy, though you may try.

Which one of your characters is your favorite and why?
I’d have to say my favorite character of mine would be Dani. She is a bad ass and I love that bitch. And it’s funny, because there is a lot of me in her; some of how she was before and some of how she is now. Some of her fears or experiences are mine as well. And some of her characteristics are things that I wish I had. She’s amazing. And I know people will either love her or hate her, but I LOVE her 🙂
If someone offered to option one of your books or stories for a movie or TV series, which one would you choose?
I’d have to say Defying Destiny, though it’d be great to have the whole series as a movie or TV show. This series is my very first and I’m so in love with the way it’s shaping out and the characters in all the books.
Do you consider being a writer a gift or a curse? 
I guess I’d have to say both. It’s a gift because to be able to express things that you feel or stories in your head is truly amazing and should only be described as a gift. But it’s also a curse because sometimes readers want things to go one way and you as the writer see it differently. And sometimes you see it going a certain way and even though it breaks your heart, you have to stay true to the story.
Which one of your characters would you want to date and why?
I’d have to say it’d be a character that I’m writing right now. I can’t share too much just yet, but he’s dark and ruthless, but loyal and loves hard. I can’t wait to introduce him to everyone 😉 But I will say that all of my male characters have something in them that calls to me, so if I could, I’d date them all LOL
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