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Excerpts from Breach of Trust by Shannon Nemechek:

Madison’s heart sank when she heard her name. Frightened, she grabbed the broomstick again. Then she prepared to smash whoever popped their head through the hole in the old building. Gretchen grabbed Jasper. Madison hoped he would not bark, but it was too late. He was a small, strong little dog and had jumped from her arms and into the opening in the bricks.

Jasper’s barks echoed throughout the building. Madison could hear the man’s voice calling for her. As he got closer to the opening, she heard him say, “Madison, if you are in there, this is Chance
Maxwell. I am with the CIA. Agent York sent me to come get you. I swear I will toss you my wallet so you can see I am who I say I am.”

Chance tossed his wallet toward the opening, and Gretchen popped her head out to retrieve it. Chance grinned as the old woman snapped him a look of disgust then went back into the building.
Handing Madison the wallet, she then popped her head back out like a turtle from its shell.

“Is it him?” she asked Gretchen.

“Yes, child, it is the same man,” Gretchen answered.

“Okay, let him in,” Madison said.

Gretchen leaned back out of the hole, “Okay, you can come in,” she said. “But watch what you do, or Jasper will bite your cock off.”

Chance laughed.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. I am only here to help Ms. Madison,” Chance replied.

Chance crawled through the opening, his head down. He watched for items in the rubble that might hurt as he crawled through on his hands and knees. Once he got all the way inside, he looked up
then over to the right, and he saw her. She was even more stunning in person; her hair was a mess, her clothes torn, and she had on a pair of mismatched shoes. Her makeup had long since run down
part of her face. But despite that, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on. Her eyes were deep green, and her hair disheveled and matted, it was blonde and hung past her shoulders. Even in this state, his cock took over his mind, and his cock started to thicken. What the hell, man? Get a fuckin grip. This is a woman in need of help, and a bath. He grinned to himself.

Madison peered at him, still holding the broken broom handle at the ready. “And what the hell are you laughing at?” she asked, waiting still holding the broomstick above her head.

“I am laughing at you, miss. Do you actually think that would do any kind of damage whatsoever?”

“Well, it could, if I hit hard enough,” she replied.

“Doubtful, but I’ll take your word for it,” Chance replied. Standing up and walking over to her then grabbed the broom handle.

“If you don’t mind, I will take that. I have something that will do a little bit more damage than that, so you are perfectly safe with me. I promise,” he said, winking at her than focusing on the small barking
dog at his feet.

“Now, who is this little guy?” He bent down to pet Jasper’s head and scratch his ears. Jasper was now on Team Chance and was currently rolling onto his back for a belly rub.

Gretchen replied, “That, my dear, is Jasper, my guard dog. This is our home. Welcome. Welcome, young Chance, my name is Gretchen.”

“How long have you and Jasper been here?” Chance asked.

“Oh, we have been here for, oh, say, ten years. Well, I have had Jasper for only four years. I found him abandoned down at the city center, not far from the cathedral. We have been together since. He
protects me, and I protect him,” she answered.

“Well, you have a very nice home, Frau Gretchen.”

“Ah, poppycock! It’s a shithole, but thank you for saying so,” Gretchen announced as she laughed.

Five on Friday: Interview with Crave Author Shannon Nemechek


Crave author Shannon Nemechek joins us today for a quick 5 question interview. You can check out two of her stories in Crave’s, Craving: Soldiers (myBook.to/CravingSoldiersAnth) and Craving: Secrets (myBook.to/CravingSecrets) Both are only .99 cents each.

1. Best writing advice you ever received?

Oh my, so many but I would say there are two. The first was of course write what you know and the other was just write, don’t worry about if it makes sense at first ha ha just write.

2. What’s one of the craziest things that’s ever happened to you?

Oh my, so many things. I would have to say witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall when I was stationed in Germany in the late 80’s early 90’s.

3. How long on average, does it take for you to write a book?

Well, if it’s a novella it’s usually a week if I really try and if it’s full length novel then usually a month.

4. Do you consider being a writer a gift or a curse?

Oh, a gift. I love writing and being able to meet readers. It’s the best life and to create a story or an entire world in my case is so much fun and such a gift. More than I could ever imagine.

5. What’s something you are really good at that only a few people know about?

Jewelry making, I’m a professional Makeup Artist and Photographer. I’m a huge geek and build computers and collect Star Wars and Wonder Woman stuff. I am an expert shooter. Most of my career in the Army, I shot 40/40 and was expert in the .50 cal weapon, as well as grenade launchers, and a 9 mm handgun. My hubby says I know a little about a lot of things. And I have a masters in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Forensic Psychology.


Learn more about Shannon on her website: https://www.shannonnemechek.com/