#FiveOnFriday: Interview with Author Kristin Jacques


Crave author Kristin Jacques joins us today for a quick 5 questions interview. You can check out her story in Craving: Christmas https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077J7QVZS/. Available for .99¢ each.

Do you consider being a writer a gift or a curse?

Depends on the day.  It is wonderful getting lost in a world of your own creation. Having a mind that can think up whole new imaginary universes is like having a secret superpower. Somedays though, when all you want to do is write and it is just not happening, you get twitchy and wired. Your brain just won’t shut off no matter how badly you need that sleep at 3 am. You sometimes find yourself talking to imaginary people out loud as you work out dialogue, in public. You get lost in plotting while driving and end up three towns over instead of the grocery store. (I swear that only happened once….twice.) Is writing a gift or a curse? Maybe a little bit of both.

What is the best compliment you have received about your writing?

I have had some lovely compliments over the years, but one that really stayed with me was when I was 17. I entered a high school state wide writing competition and actually won the regional. Highlight of my senior year. I did not win at the state level but talking to the judges afterward, one of them blurted out ‘We thought you were a guy!’ My piece was written from a male perspective and I really felt like I nailed it with that comment.

Do you google yourself?

No. I fear what the internet thinks of me.  *Quietly deletes browser history*

What is your favorite childhood book?

There are many I admire and while I read many a modern classic, there was one book I reread several times as a kid and that was Alien Secrets by Annette Curtis Klause. This is the same author who wrote Blood and Chocolate, but never mind werewolves. This was a YA space murder mystery, with aliens. It was freaking awesome. And the main character was named Puck, which sparked my lifelong love of naming characters after Shakespearean plays.

What is one thing you would give up to become a better writer?

Netflix.  No, really, somedays I can’t even open my Netflix for fear of getting sucked into the siren’s song of my queue. ‘Just one episode, Kristin’ it taunts me. Like a fool I answer. Next thing I know, six hours have passed. It’s one in the morning. I have eaten an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Netflix begins to load the next episode. I weep for mercy.

Maybe I’ll just tell my husband to change the password and not tell me.

To learn more about Kristin visit her website: http://www.kristinjacques.com/