#FiveOnFriday: Interview with Author Genevieve Lynne


Crave author Genevieve Lynne joins us today for a quick 5 questions interview. You can check out her stories in some our Craving anthologies. (Craving: Bad myBook.to/CravingBad, Craving: Soldiers myBook.to/CravingSoldiersAnth, and Craving: Christmas https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077J7QVZS/. All available for .99¢ each.

Do you consider being a writer a blessing or curse?

Both. It’s a blessing because I love to have a story in my head. It’s a curse because I can’t always get that story to translate onto the paper.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your writing?

There are two. My agent said she’d never hated a villain as much as she hated my villain in Secondhand Sinners. OMG that made me so happy. Also, One reviewer for Secondhand Sinners said it helped her forget that Hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc in her state and relax for a little bit. It reminded me why we tell stories and for whom we’re telling them.

Favorite childhood book?

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I read it the summer before my senior year of high school, and it was the first plot twist that I remember. Totally took me by surprise. I’ve been hooked on plot twists ever since, and LOVE to put them into my stories.

What’s one thing you’d give up to be a better writer?

My day job! Hahaha! I’m a resource teacher at a Title 1 school, and it’s so hard not to bring that home with me. I’m always thinking about my students and their families and ways that I can help them. Christmas time is the hardest because I know they’re not going to eat as well without the free lunches, and so many would rather just come to school where it’s warm and safe. It’s hard to turn that off sometimes. Though, honestly, I think it makes me be a better writer because I see so much humanity in those who struggle through poverty.

Paperback or ebook?

I love ebooks and audiobooks, especially the whisper sync titles; that’s the only way I’m able to read anything these days. I’ll listen to a story on my way to and from work and pick up where I left off at night on my Kindle. For writing craft books, though, I prefer to go with the hardcopy so I can make notes and such.

To learn more about Genevieve, visit her website: http://www.genevievelynne.com/