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Day 2 of 9 excerpts from Craving: Forbidden

Welcome to the second day of excerpts from Craving: Forbidden, we hope you enjoy our latest anthology. You can purchase this collection of novelettes for only .99¢ or read for free on KindleUnlimted. Download your copy here.

On My Honeymoon by Evan Grace
We reach my bungalow and the bellhop carries my luggage into the bedroom and then quickly shows me around and telling me where everything is. I hand him a tip and then shut the door behind him.
I kick off my shoes and then walk around the space, I’m in awe at the pure beauty of this place. There are a set of double doors in the bedroom that when I push them open I gasp. The view is breathtaking. It’s blue as far as the eye can see. I move to the end of the deck, a light breezes blows the loose strands of my hair all around me.  
I walk to the stairs that lead right into the water, and sit down on the top step. I tilt my head back, and close my eyes, letting the sun beat down on me. When I stand up I find my neighbor standing on his deck as well. It’s the man from the plane. He’s wearing a white linen shirt, khaki shorts and he’s barefoot.
I hurry inside before he catches me gawking at him. For my first night I decide to just stay in, and relax. When I finally slip into the huge tub I sigh because it’s heavenly. While I soak I begin to analyze my relationship with Alex. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought we were happy.

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