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Excerpt from Undercover Escort by Amy Reece

“Well, I guess I’ll leave it down, Henry. It looks ridiculous up.” Tessa let the long, dirty-blonde locks fall against her neck. She’d never been able to manage more than a ponytail, but had hoped to pull off an elegant up-do for Aidan’s party. She wanted to show him she had more going on than she’d shown so far. She stepped into the black heels that added a few inches to her height, but immeasurable confidence to her spirit.

“Tessa! Time to go!”

“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered and gave a final tug to her dress. “Be good, Henry, and guard the house while we’re gone.” She grabbed her tote bag and left her room.

Aidan waited at the foot of the stairs, looking resplendent in a navy suit and deep purple tie. “It’s about ti—” He raised his eyebrows as a crooked smile appeared. “Wow. You clean up well.”

She ground her teeth as she elbowed her way past him. “You should have stopped at ‘wow’.” She was secretly rather pleased with his reaction. “Let’s get out of here, GQ.” She followed him to the detached garage. “Aw, no Ferrari?”

He opened the passenger door of a Lexus sedan. “It’s out being detailed.”

She flashed him an astonished look.

“Kidding. You think your purse is big enough?”

She shoved it on the floorboard as she got in, struggling a bit with her short, tight dress. “Yeah, well those sexy little evening bags won’t hold my gun, and this dress is too tight for a shoulder holster.”

His eyes roved her body as he started the car. “That’s for sure. It would be great if you didn’t shoot any of my friends at this party tonight.”

“I’ll try to contain myself. Are these other sleazy lawyer friends?”

“Some are lawyers. A few are sleazy. Their spouses and significant others will be there, as well. We need to get our story straight. Here.” He handed her a file folder. “If you could familiarize yourself with the details of our relationship while I drive, that would be great.”

“Ooh, so official.” She flipped through several pages of neatly typed notes. “We met while you were in law school in Massachusetts? I still live there? Problem: I’ve never been to Massachusetts. I won’t be able to answer any questions about Boston if I’m asked.”

“Just say you love the Red Sox and change the subject.”

“So, why am I just now visiting you? You’ve been out of law school for at least ten years.”

“We reconnected on Facebook recently and rekindled the old flame.” He glanced at her and chuckled.

“Hmm.” She closed the folder. “Fine, but it seems like a pretty thin story to me. Am I smart or dumb?”

“What do you mean?”

She bit her lip and refused to look at him. “Am I supposed to be smart or dumb? I want to be able to play my part well. What kind of women do you usually date?”

“Let’s just say my dates don’t usually pack a pistol in their purse. Be yourself, but make our relationship convincing. I’m really trying to keep these damn threats out of the media.”

“Why? Wouldn’t it help to have everyone aware of what you’re dealing with?” She didn’t understand why he’d want to hide something like this.

“No.” He stared straight ahead at the traffic. “I don’t want any more scrutiny into my affairs than absolutely necessary.” The tic in his jaw was back.