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Day 4 of 10 excerpts from Craving: Forbidden

Welcome to the fourth day of excerpts from Craving: Forbidden, we hope you enjoy our latest anthology. You can purchase this collection of novelettes for only .99¢ or read for free on KindleUnlimted. Download your copy here.

Unblooded Love by J.S. Andersen

Casual chit chat went on until Kris got up to get more food. “Jenni, could you run into the food storage and grab another jar of pickles, please?”

“Sure.” She ate another chip and got up. “I’ll be back to tell you more about the Puget Sound  monsters.” The kids laughed.

Jenni went into the room, having no idea Stan followed her. As she reached for the jars, the door shut and she jumped. “What in the heck are you doing?”


“Trying to figure out why you’re avoiding me.”

“I’m busy.” Stupid excuse. She knew it. He knew it.

He ignored the comment. “Remember nineteen years ago in the room down the hall playing doctor?” He moved closer to her.

She felt the heat on her cheeks. “Yes. I thought you’d forgotten.” His breath became hotter against her face. His presence, his closeness enveloped her. There was no escape. It was a fright that endeared as much as it terrified her.

“Never. Are you avoiding me on purpose?”

“No.” It came out too fast like she was covering a secret. She was. She loved her cousin and wanted him bad. The hunger in Stan’s eyes didn’t help either.

“I think there is. Want me to tell you?” He nosed her check, burning a trail down to her neck.

“Maybe?” Crap.

He reached out and held one of her hands. “You want me.”

Jenni had a hard time holding back with the truth. “Problem, isn’t it?” Her mouth searched for his but he never met, instead teasing her. It made Jenni mad.

Stan moved up against her body. “It is. I want you back.” He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss…it was enough for Jenni to want more.


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