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This or That?

By K.L. Ramsey

What is it about the hot, bearded met that are currently taking over Pinterest? You know the ones- sometimes they are covered in tattoos and perched on the back of a motorcycle or they are going for a stroll through the woods, in a flannel shirt, carrying an axe and giving off the whole mountain man vibe. What do women find so appealing about them? I guess the better asked question is why these bristly blessed, chiseled gods differ from the men we call our better half?

I’ve been playing a few rounds of “This or That” on my reader’s group page, trying to find the perfect man to fit into my current work in progress (WIP). Hours have been spent, on Pinterest, scouring pictures of hot, sexy men that I could see as my hero, and the possibilities are endless. I’ve noticed a trend lately, of men with beards and shorter haircuts, dominating the boards and I must admit I see the appeal. Every time I start scrolling through, I end up pausing at the burley looking mountain men and hot, motorcycle riding bad boys, that get my girl parts all tingly.

What is it about these men? For so long, the trend was clean cut, clean shaven guys, splashed on the covers of GQ and Men’s Health and Fitness. Now, you can’t walk down a magazine aisle without seeing bearded Adonis’s clad in distress jeans and a worn t-shirt or flannel- and they are HOT! Posting two bearded men for a “This or That” contest usually earns me hundreds of comments, within hours. Women are drawn to these men and who can blame them? It’s crazy to see some of my real-life girlfriends’ comments, usually choosing the guy that is the exact opposite of their significant other. Throw in a few tattoos and they get a little crazy, often posting GIFs of animals licking the computer screen, which is always good for a laugh.

The crazy thing about this whole trend is that, for me, I married the total opposite of these beard-clad men. My clean shaven, not a single tattoo, stud muffin is still my absolute favorite guy on the planet. So why am I, like so many of my friends, drawn to the bad boy, motorcycle riding, tattooed, bearded hottie on the Pinterest boards? Maybe it’s the element of fantasy or wanting what you don’t have waiting for you at home. Maybe I just like to change things up and keep things interesting in my own little made-up worlds, that I enjoy creating. Either way, I’m a huge fan of this new trend and can rest assured, knowing that I will be able to find loads of inspiration scrolling through Pinterest, on any given day. For now, the mystery of this new beard phenomenon remains, but honestly, who cares? As long as we have such intriguing inspirations, there are stories to write and “This or That” contests to conduct.

K.L. would love for you to take her poll on this subject in her Facebook group. Click here to be redirected to her Facebook poll.

Untitled-1K.L. Ramsey was born and raised in Maryland. As a child she struggled in school, having to attend speech and reading therapy. Her teacher told her that she would never be a very good reader; that English was just not her thing. She continued to struggle until eleventh grade, when she signed up for a Creative Writing class. Her high school teacher saw her potential and submitted a short story, that K. L. had written for class, to a local literary publication. The story was not only published but won an award for best short story. Knowing that someday she wanted to become a writer, K. L. received her BA in English from Salisbury State University.

K.L. Ramsey currently resides in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!). She lives with hunky scientist, two now not so little people, and six fur babies. In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, attend WVU football games and drink wine with girlfriends.

To connect with K.L. visit her on Facebook:

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