Five On Friday: Interview with Author Carolyn LaRoche

RECEIVE A FREE EBOOK, CRAVING_ MAYHEMAuthor Carolyn LaRoche joins us today for a quick 5 question interview. You can check her story Fallen Star in Craving: Country ( Available for .99¢)

  1. How long on average, does it take for you to write a book?

  During the summer, when I am not working, I can write and edit a complete book in about four weeks. During the school year, when I am teaching, it takes about twice as long.

2. Which one of your characters is your favorite and why?

    Evie Ward, the heroine of All She Never Wanted is my absolute favorite. She is a survivor. She never loses her sense of self and learns to move forward from a great loss with a sense of strength and class. And even though she has plenty of her own baggage, she whips Landon into shape and shows him how to let his go.

3. If someone offered to option one of your books or stories for a movie or TV series, which one would you choose?

   I would definitely choose Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos! It is full of colorful characters that would trasnslate very well to either television or the screen. It would make an amazing mystery series on TV.

4. Do you consider being a writer a gift or a curse?

    Can I say it’s both? It is such a gift to be able to tell stories that people actually enjoy reading. The cursed side of it though has to be all the voices in my head all time demanding attention! Sometimes the reality in my head gets confused with the reality of my actual life. Not that I would ever change a thing though.

5. Which one of your characters would you want to date and why?

    I suppose I would choose Kaiden James in my book Homeland Security. I’m a sucker for men in uniform anyway but Kaiden has the kind of sense of humor and easy confidence I find extremely sexy in a man.

Learn more about Carolyn on her website:

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