#TeaserTuesday: Excerpt from Craving: Bad (Warning: This one’s hot!)

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#TeaserTuesday #99cents Oh, baby! This one’s hot hot hot! Reader Discretion is advised. Read the rest of this story and many others in Craving: Bad for only 99¢.

Universal Buy Link: myBook.to/CravingBad

Excerpt from Access Denied by Ameila James

Fireworks exploded in his brain, destroying any rational thoughts. “Hell no, a criminal like you needs to be punished.” He shifted, hoping to relieve his pounding erection between her thighs.

“God, yes! Lock me up and throw away the key. I’m a bad, bad girl. Punish me to the fullest extent of the law.”

Worst dirty talk ever. Especially for a detective shirking his duty. One coherent idea had survived the demolition. Do your job. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.” She leaned in and dragged her tongue up his neck. “I felt that task force in your pants. Probe me with it.”

“No, I mean…” He reached into his jacket pocket then grabbed her again. “Supernova, you’re under arrest.”


Cold steel circled Chantal’s wrists as a distinctive click echoed in her ears. A collective moan swept through their audience. “Are you serious?” The man had been a stroke and a poke away from making them a freak show at this sex circus, and now he wanted to arrest her? An icy chill tamped down the fire raging between her thighs.

Tripp stepped back, blushed, and jerked her dress up to cover her pointed nipples. He ran a hand through his hair then adjusted his crotch. “Yes.”

“You son-of- a-ow!”

He yanked her close and growled in her ear. “Act like this is a sex game.” His eyes blazed and he mashed his lips together as if struggling to resist kissing her again. He shook his head, but the stiff bulge in his jeans betrayed him.

“I read the club rules. No means no.” She snarled back at him. “If I say no in front of these witnesses, you’ll have to release me.” She tempted him further, brushing her lips on his clenched jaw while she ground her chest against his in an effort to push her dress down again. The friction turned her dress into a static magnet and fused it to her breasts, defying her.

Tripp groaned while she gyrated, clamping his hands on her bare shoulders. “Then say no.” His eyes danced as he absently rubbed her covered nipple.

Bastard knows I can’t. She should never have lured him to the club. She never met any of her marks in person, keeping communication between them strictly anonymous and untraceable. But she’d abandoned her security protocols to climb all over the very detective assigned to track her down. And why? Because he looked hot? Because she wanted to get laid? She’d even given him her real name! He didn’t need to fuck her. She’d done it to herself. Damn it! “I surrender.”

A smirk cracked his law enforcer mask. “You expect me to believe that?”

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